Logistics and transport

Delivering seamless logistics

Carrus ensures the safe delivery of betting terminals and self‐service kiosks to horseracing companies throughout France. With their experience on the ground, the teams are able to meet the specific requirements of each customer, and anticipate and adapt to multiple parameters and challenges, including peak periods, weather conditions and infrastructure.

Betting services

Delivering first class expertise devoted to betting public

Rigorously trained in pari‐mutuel betting systems and accustomed to the needs of a diverse betting public, mobile and fixed sales agents deliver a swift and efficient service to bettors. Our vendors welcome all types of bettors, providing support and guidance to novice racegoers and sharing their in‐depth expertise and insight to the most seasoned wagerers.

Network installation

Technological experts

The PMC Star 3000 totalisator handles a network connecting thousands of terminals in realtime. Our in‐house engineers guarantee connectivity to the high‐security central server, together with installing all the necessary on‐site systems and equipment at the racetrack to deliver the most reliable and efficient betting transactions.

On‐site maintenance

Rapid response rate

Our multi‐skilled, round‐the‐clock technicians deliver the highest levels of service. Whether servicing equipment or dealing with more significant network issues, the maintenance teams, working closely with Carrus engineers, work quickly and efficiently.